Good morning!

So last night I went to bed feeling over the moon. What I accomplished yesterday (this blog) made me feel as if a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I’d done something I never thought I would, I overcame that fear, not that this should be feared and moved on. I moved on from that weight that had been holding me back.

This writing thing is almost like therapy, except it’s free and won’t ever ask me to come back for regular weekly check ups. This is something I now want to do, a task for the moment I would like to indulge in everyday. Even though I may still be an amateur, just like with anything, practise makes perfect. I didn’t know that writing could be this therapeutic. Laying feelings out on a platform that people, random people can read and even relate to. I did think about this while going to sleep last night, self doubt took over for a short time and I thought ‘isn’t it all a bit silly?’, ‘what are you doing? Writing a blog that no one will even read? Just stop it now M!’ But somehow I came back this morning and wanted to carry on writing.

So while I sip my morning coffee at my desk at work, this is taking me elsewhere, out of the miserable outdated office and out of earshot of pissed off colleagues and into my own little world. Now this is my advice, I’m sure everyone who writes will probably tell you this, start writing. Even in as little time as 16 hours, my mental health has improved significantly. The misery of a boring 9-5 job seems somewhat bearable as I know I can open up my blog and start writing. Also, maybe the fact it’s Friday is helping?

The daydreaming may take over today, thoughts of warmer weather, kinder people and a post Brexit society. Don’t even get me started on any of that political nonsense. Yes I said it, it’s nonsense.

Be kind today and happy, someone out there loves you!

8 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. you will find that most of the bloggers out in the internet are great people who are supportive… keep writing sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through the tough times!


    1. Thanks for commenting Jolynn! Writing is such a relief, I didn’t know it had that kind of effect!
      The writing community is something I would like to be part of, I suppose I am now though? Enjoy your Friday!


  2. Welcome to blogging! You are absolutely right in the fact that writing is like therapy. It’s what helps keep me sane, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you. 😊


  3. To me the true essence of blogging is connecting with a wonderful community and supporting each other. WordPress provides everything I have mentioned. Like you, I also started blogging as a form of therapy. Yes it effective and yes one of the best things about it, is it being free. I hope you enjoy your journey. Welcome to wordpress.


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