Happy Sunday

Does anybody else love the weekend? I know I sure do. It gives us a chance to catch up on the list of never ending chores, complete those errands and indulge in the essential ‘life maintenance’ that we need to make ourselves feel better. So after all the essentials are done we’re given a chance, a moment in time to be our true selves. A moment to entertain those fantasies that we dream of while cemented to our desks in the week, no matter what you do, go and do it, as long as you don’t break any laws of course 😉 . It will heal you and release those endorphins which all of us need. It will help us recover from whatever we need a break from.

So far I’ve done everything I needed to do this weekend, I’m home and in the warm, jeans are off and pyjamas are on. For the next few hours I’m really going to be lazy and mentally prepare myself for the coming week, I swear the weekends go so so fast but I know they only go faster because I’m having fun right? I’ve spent some quality time with some friends who I really do love this weekend and it’s amazing how healing this can be, to be able to laugh and be silly and knowing they aren’t laughing at you but laughing with you. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them soon!

Tell me readers, how do you spend your weekends? Do you read? Pamper? Or go crazy and climb mountains?

Thank you for reading ❤️


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