Staying Motivated.

Hey all you lovely people. So Monday is here and we all know the struggle, the weekend is over and a full five days of travelling, work and cold January evenings are looming over us. I try not to think about the week as a whole and rather take each day and each hour as it comes, my morning this far has consisted of peeling my head of the pillow at 6.45, clambering into my gym clothes and heading on down to the gym. The gym is a place I like to go to on my own and just thrash out some feelings in the free weight areas, an hour and forty five minutes later i’m home eating my favourite breakfast, showering and putting on some warm clothes (not all at the same time obviously). Then my skin care routine comes into effect, after exfoliating in the shower I slather on about 7 Clinique products in attempt to maintain my youth and I settle down to write this article with a cup of tea. I haven’t even thought out the journey to work I have to do in a couple of hours, until now, damn!

I’d like to think most of us ‘like’ our jobs, I for sure am on the fence about mine. I work in healthcare but have a degree in History, since graduating I’ve struggled to even get an interview in a related field to my studies, it almost seems impossible and I have honestly tried everything I can, maybe I haven’t but who knows. There are several issues in my life which try and bring me down, down to a dark place which I have visited numerous times and I constantly battle with these emotions on a day to day basis.

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I’m sure each and everyone of us struggle with these emotions. Every time they try and clasp onto me I make a list of all the good in my life. This ‘good’ counteracts the bad feelings we experience and we don’t realise how lucky we actually are for instance an example of my lists goes like this…

  1. I woke up this morning with lungs full of air and a heart still pumping.
  2. I have a comfy bed in a warm, loving home.
  3. I can speak to my parents, friends and strangers in the street.
  4. My partner loves me and shows me it everyday.
  5. I have a stable job with a steady income.
  6. I own a car and can drive off and see the country whenever I want.
  7. I have a great support network around me.
  8. My beautiful dogs depend on me and love me unconditionally.
  9. Food, copious amounts of food.
  10. Water, I have clean running water.

Now I know this list may sound a bit selfish with a lot of ‘I haves’, or ‘I cans’. It’s not meant to sound like that at all, what i’m trying to say is we have these things and they are great things, let me tell you. So lets take what we have, the fresh air in our lungs, the love of our families and get out there and smash whatever tasks are put in front of us, do it with confidence and kindness and we will see amazing results. We all need a bit of extra motivation on a Monday so if this blog is something you needed to read today and has helped you get through work or get you to the gym let me know. We can do this and we can tackle life head on together.

P.S Here’s a picture of a happy puppy, because who doesn’t love puppies?! Stay happy folks and thanks for reading. 🙂

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