Okay, so I know you’ve probably yawned at the title of this blog already, I’m yawning with you. Now politics has been the hottest talked about topic for the past few years, between the inauguration of Señor Trump and Britain divorcing the European Union we, the people, have just been caught up in a tornado of political jargon and militant activist scaremongering. To be honest I don’t like to get too caught up in politics and I certainly do not pretend to be an expert in the field. Honestly, I may just read the odd article about how the Daily Mail is reporting Theresa May to be an awful woman who can’t seem to do anything right or catch up on a cataclysm of pious tweets about how everyone hates Señor Trump.

Now I tend to swerve and duck any conversation that involves politics too, I find it a stomach wrenching and awkward conversation to have, especially say, with a stranger you’ve just met at a bar. Me and some friends often have heated discussions over a vino, but that’s just between friends. It’s always awkward when it comes up at work too, nobody really wants to talk about the state of the world we live in, we know the systems are failing us, think about Universal Credit for example.

I don’t mean to sound like a glass half empty kind of person, but does debating politics really help our situation? It seems the politicians can’t even do this in the houses of Parliament, it always ends in laughing and shouting.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Action is what we really need and that’s not really what were getting, I’m writing about this subject because I’m hoping some other people out there will feel what i’m feeling and that is, ‘To hell with politics, media and the poisonous people of the world’, politics, in my opinion, is failing us here in the U.K.

The sheer ignorance of people we also face on a day to day basis bewilders me too, especially when it comes to politics and the areas surrounding it. For example, I’ve read and re-read reports from the U.N. and many other sources on one of the biggest threats to the environment, the Meat Industry, read one article here:


Being a vegetarian myself I understood, I do it for Animal Welfare and the Environment. Yes I do think global warming is real and is very much an issue we as humans can help control with our actions. I’ve heard and spoke to many people who eat meat (I’ve only been a vegetarian for 3 years now) and some people are just so adamant that they will not give up any meat even if it is just for just one day a week, them deem it a sort of ‘divine right’. But what we really need are the actions of politicians and big corporations, we the ‘little’ people can only help so much.

Okay, so I had to step out for an hour and I’ve just come back to this draft and I was tempted to delete half of it as it completely ran of the trails and was avoiding the point I was trying to make, silly me! But no, I said it and I meant it!

SO, the point I was trying to make is that Politics, no matter where we are in the world, seems to let its people down. The politicians we vote in are seemingly notorious for disrupting the people they are meant to look after, think about David Cameron and Theresa May on Brexit, another classic example of a woman is trying to clean up another mans mess and how this situation has divided an entire nation. Señor Trump and his bigoted, child like mindset, Russia and its hideous ruling of making homosexuality illegal and the awful things that are happening in Chechnya. Is the world heading for disaster? Well the news seems to portray it that way. Maybe it is a case of how the media reports on these things, if all news outlets reported that Theresa May was doing great things for the United Kingdom, would we believe this? I tend to avoid the political news cycles and hypocritical tweeters I see online, my eyes just end up glazing over and I just end up looking at the pictures to be honest.

As a millennial I know I should be more involved in Politics, if you asked me what a ‘No Deal’ meant for the U.K. I wouldn’t be able to tell you, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the different between The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats either or why Americans love their guns so much! It’s my future at stake here and if I decide to have children, their stake too. I know bits and bobs, but at the moment i’m done with the political nonsense and I can’t wait for Brexit to be over and done with! Is anyone else bored of it all?!

Maybe to hell with the the whole institution, it all seems a bit outdated anyway. Perhaps i’m living with the hope of a future I have seen in fantasy and science fictions films, they too have their own problems, but some of them seem to be doing a lot better then we are at the moment.

Happy hump day my fellow followers, thanks for reading!

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com

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